GGG Force Friday 12/11: What to wear to the premiere?

Hey all! As I am sure you’re already aware, we are ONE WEEK AWAY from The Force Awakens! Seems like just yesterday the new movie was announced, and after what feels like decades of waiting, we are a mere 7 (or 6 for some of us!) days away from TFA!

And I know, even more importantly than the questions of “Who are Rey’s parents?” and “Where the hell is Luke?” lies most important question of all: What are you going to wear to the midnight premiere?

I’m just kidding (kind of), but I truly love all of the Star Wars-related fashion that has sprung up during the The Force Awakens hype. It feels like the fashion gods have answered my prayer of more ways to incorporate Star Wars into my everyday wardrobe.

So for today’s Force Friday, I thought we would look at some of my very favorite Star Wars fashions so we can all get some ideas of what we will be wearing come next Thursday.


If you follow any fashion blogs at all, you’ve definitely heard about the Irregular Choice x Star Wars collection. The shoes range from wearable, like these Darth Vader flats, to the extreme, like these lightsaber heels that actually light up every time you take a step. I think the loafer shape of these flats make them a fun but appropriate shoe to wear to the office before you wear them to the theatre on Thursday.


I think button-down shirts are an A+ fashion option for all genders. This one is perfect – it blends geek fashion with rockabilly style, which are my two favorite things. It’s a slightly classier/more subtle option than the Star Wars shirt that you’ve been wearing since college and has all the holes near the neckline/armpits. You know which one I’m talking about.


Hey, I’m not leaving the little ones out of this! This stylized version of Finn’s jacket from the Disney Store is just too freaking cute. It has the costume element that kids love, but can also be worn as a real jacket during the cold mornings while waiting for the school bus, which is great because its a pretty expensive jacket for a little one.


Like many kids, I too am a fan of subtle costume elements in my clothing. That’s why I love this dress from the Her Universe Star Wars collection for Hot Topic. It’s a gorgeous dress and only SW fans will recognize the shape of the belt. It doubles as a homage to Leia and as a great dress in its own right. After wearing this one to the premiere, you can wear it again to some Christmas parties this season!


If you haven’t been to a midnight premiere before, here’s some advice: you’ll probably be waiting a while. If your theatre doesn’t do assigned seating and you want seats with the rest of your party, you better get there somewhat early and be ready to wait. You need a big bag to carry your tablet and Cards Against Humanity and other things to entertain yourself and your friends. Of course, you also need somewhere to hide your snacks and mini bottles of wine (who pays those theatre prices?!). This Chewie camera bag is perfectly themed and definitely big enough to fit all of your stuff. I also love this 3D Darth Vader backpack – it’s very unique and surprisingly roomy inside.


If you’ve read this blog before, you know how important Star Wars merchandise for little girls is to me, so obviously I needed to include some fashion for them here. Junk Food Clothing makes most of my favorite t-shirts, because they have that perfect vintage softness that usually requires a few dozen washes to achieve. That means this BB-8 shirt will be nice and comfy for a two-hour movie, which is especially important for kids.


Or maybe you want comfort beyond a soft t-shirt. I get it. The movie is long, you have work at 8 the next day and you’re still going to the midnight premiere, sp the outfit you’re wearing is the last thing on your mind. I have an option for that too! FOOTIE PAJAMAS! “Why are these white people posing like that, Molly?!” you’re thinking, terrified. I have no idea! But these come in Dark Side pattern as well!

What am I wearing on Thursday? Right now I’m debating between my Han Solo Black Milk swim (with pants of course), or my Her Universe X-Wing Pilot dress from Star Wars Weekends a few years ago.

With either, I have the perfect accessory: the Loungefly BB-8 purse that I have mentioned in multiple Force Fridays in the hopes that someone would buy it for me. My plan succeeded, and my roommate delivered. So kids, here’s a lesson: if you want something, just start a blog and talk about how much you want the thing and then send the link to everyone you know!

I hope that Thursday comes as quickly as possible and that The Force Awakens meets and exceeds all of our expectations. Email me at or comment below with what you’re wearing on Thursday! Have a great week Girl Gang!


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