New Girl Gang Releases 12/16/15

Hey Girl Gang! Happy Wednesday! Here are some of our pulls for this week!

  • Batgirl #46 (DC Comics) – Is it just me or has it been forever since the last issue of Batgirl? Maybe it’s just because this is one of my favorite books out right now and I need my Babs Tarr art fix. In this issue, Barbara has discovered a way to uncover the police corruption in Burnside. Hopefully we will see some more of Luke Fox in this issue too.
  • Silk #2 (Marvel) – Dare I say that Silk is probably my favorite series to come out of the Spider-Verse? Cindy Moon just stands out from other superheroes. As we saw in issue 1, Silk has been working with Black Cat and her circle of villains. This is quite a change for previously-good guy Cindy. Will she get herself into trouble?
  • Lumberjanes #21 (BOOM!) – In a world where awful things seem to happen every day, Lumberjanes is a little ray of sunshine and goodness. I reread this series when I hear an awful news story or make the ultimate mistake of reading the comments section. The girls are always positive and brave and I never fail to feel better after reading this series. In this issue, the girls find out they’ve actually already met their first werewolf!
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 (Marvel) – Poor Squirrel Girl has found herself stuck in the 1960s and she doesn’t know why. What she does know is that no one from her real time remembers her, except for her roommate/BFF Nancy. And that ’60s clothes are AWESOME. In this issue, because Squirrel Girl isn’t there, Nancy has to take on a new villain all by herself!
  • Ms. Marvel #2 (Marvel) – Ms. Marvel is another of my all-time favorite series. I got my Kamala fix in last week’s Marvel Holiday Special, but it wasn’t quite the same as seeing her doing her thing in Jersey City. In this issue, Kamala has to figure out who the company is who is using her image, all while dealing with everyone thinking that she’s the bad guy. While going to school and dealing with friend drama. Poor Kamala!
  • The Wicked and The Divine #17 (Image) – “Life is what happens between WicDiv issues.” A famous philosopher said that once, I think. I’m not sure that any issue can ever compare to the exquisite beauty that was Leila de Luca’s art in issue #16, but I’m definitely willing to give this issue a fair shot. This is the last issue of the guest artists/individual background stories arc, and it focuses on Sakhmet.

Happy Wednesday Girl Gang!

What other titles should we be picking up that we should be adding to this list or don’t know about? Let us know in the comments or at!


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