New Girl Gang Releases 12/9/15

Hey Girl Gang! Happy Wednesday! Here are some of our pulls for this week!

  • Insexts #1 (Aftershock Comics) – Marguerite Bennett described Insexts, her first creator-owned work, as “Victorian lesbians on a body horror killing spree”. That description alone has convinced me to pick up this comic. Bennett warns that the series is “erotic horror and EXTREMELY adult content”, so if that’s not your kind of thing, maybe skip this one and pick up…
  • DC Bombshells #6 (DC Comics) – This series is also written by Marguerite Bennett, but its less erotic horror and more feminist ass-kicking fun. In this issue, Harley and Ivy take on Nazis, Supergirl and Stargirl arrive in the Western Front from Russia, and Batwoman learns a hard lesson in Berlin. Always a lot of plotlines going on at once in this series, but that just makes it all the more captivating.
  • Gwenpool Special #1 (Marvel) – This year’s Marvel Holiday special features some of my top faves – She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and both Hawkeyes. She-Hulk is throwing a Holiday party and invites everyone in the Marvel Universe. Predictably, chaos ensues. Ms. Marvel is feeling sad about the Holidays, Deadpool teams up with both Hawkeyes to find a pickpocket, and Gwenpool shows up. Yeah, I too was very surprised when Marvel announced the new character a few months ago, but I love her costume and I’m excited to see how she fits into the Marvel U in this special.
  • Scarlet Witch #1 (Marvel) – I’ve been waiting impatiently for this series to begin after seeing Kevin Wada’s designs for Wanda’s new costume a few months ago. In this new series, Wanda is on a journey across the globe to fix witchcraft, which has been broken. As she tries to fix it, she also has to face the inevitable question of who broke witchcraft in the first place! There’s a few gorgeous variant covers of this issue including one by Kevin Wada. Definitely check those out!

Happy Wednesday Girl Gang!

What other titles should we be picking up that we should be adding to this list or don’t know about? Let us know in the comments or at!


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