New Girl Gang Releases 12/2/15

Hey Girl Gang! Happy Wednesday! Here are some of our pulls for this week!

  • Paper Girls #3 (Image) – Even with only three issues released, I think it is clear that Paper Girls is one of the best new series of 2015. Timing it a few months before the new X-Files mini-series was a great marketing plan, intentional or not, because people are really into aliens right now. Brian K. Vaughan’s latest series focuses on a group of papergirls who stumble into what seems to be an alien apocalypse during their route one morning. I’m really excited to see where this series is going.
  • Howard the Duck #2 (Marvel) – I will admit that the only reason I started reading Howard was because I heard that She-Hulk showed up. Like many young Marvel fans who waited until after the credits of GOTG, I just didn’t understand the hype. I should have known this series was going to be great when I heard that Marvel decided to bring Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones on board, but it wasn’t until reading the first issue of the pre-Secret Wars run that I finally understood the hype. Last month’s issue was a great hopping-on point if you’re interested in finding out why people love this series so much.
  • Mystery Girl #1 (Dark Horse) Mystery Girl is a brand-new series from author Paul Tobin and artist Alberto Alburquerque about a woman named Trine Hampstead. Trine can solve any mystery and answer any question that anyone has for her. She just knows. What she doesn’t know is what happened during the last 10 years of her life or how she got her powers. I’m always here for a female-centric comic book, so I’m definitely picking this first issue up.
  • Harley’s Little Black Book # 1 (DC Comics– I must confess something that’s sure to shock many: I’m not a huge Harley fan. I’m just not. But I’m going to try out this new series. The series is a giant team-up series that combines Harley with many of the DC Universe’s most powerful heroes. First up is Harley + Wonder Woman. I do love Amanda Connor’s art and obviously I always love Wonder Woman, so I’m excited to see how those two elements are combined.

Happy Wednesday Girl Gang!

What other titles should we be picking up that we should be adding to this list or don’t know about? Let us know in the comments or at!


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