‘Supergirl’ takes flight with viewers

Supergirl is already making white guys mad on Twitter for being “too feminist,” so it must be doing something right in terms of female representation. After much anticipation and speculation about whether it would be worth watching, the show premiered Monday night. And it was awesome.

According to Entertainment Weekly, 14 million viewers tuned in for the premiere, giving it the biggest debut of any of the Fall 2015 shows. Initial ratings suggest Supergirl is worth watching and prove, yet again, that a market for female superheroes exist and that it is stronger than ever.

One of the things that set this show apart from others in the same genre was its optimism. Kara doesn’t become a hero to get revenge, but out of a sense of altruism and desire to do what she was originally sent to Earth to do–to protect. Whether altruism as a reason for superheroing is possible is a discussion for another day, but in Supergirl it works. Supergirl is decidedly not dark and gritty, which is something that cannot be said for a lot of the genre as of late, and it has played down the tropey tragic origin story.

Though the number of viewers may drop between this week and next since viewers’ initial curiosity has been sated, the Supergirl pilot left viewers a lot to be hopeful about: a positive female hero, at least three named female characters with major roles, and a fresh take on the genre as a whole. Hopefully the series, like its title character, will be able to take flight this season.


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