New Girl Gang Releases 10/27/15

Hey Girl Gang! Sorry about the unintentional hiatus – getting back into the swing of things after NYCC was harder than usual, with work and family stuff piling up. Hopefully this post will be our return to regular blogging! The NYCC 2015 Con Report is coming soon.

Here are some of our pulls from this week!

  • Batgirl #45 (DC Comics) – I repeat this every month, but Batgirl is truly one of my favorite titles right now (and maybe ever). Seeing new Babs Tarr art is such a treat and I look forward to it with glee every single month. In this issue we finally get to see Alycia’s wedding, and I’m so excited to see her and Barbara and the rest of the Gotham gang in their wedding best. You know with Babs drawing the wedding that every single character, even the small ones in the background, will be in gorgeous outfits. Hopefully we will also see some development on the Barbara and Luke Fox front as well!
  • Angela Queen of Hel #1 (Marvel) – Although I’m sad to see Kieron Gillen leaving the Angela: Asgard’s Assassin team, I have to say that Marguerite Bennett was an excellent addition to the last few issues of the ‘Assassin‘ run. I’m really excited to see what Bennett does with Angela in this new series. Also, if I was in a coma and there was only one phrase that would bring me back to consciousness, I’m pretty sure those words would be “Annie Wu variant cover.” Even if I dislike a series, if Annie Wu is doing a cover or involved in any way, I will buy the issue. You can bet I will be picking up Wu’s hip-hop Angela variant cover!
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (Marvel) – With the end of Secret Wars, we start a new chapter for Doreen and Tippy and their friends. Kind of. After teaming up with Thor to fight the evil Norse Squirrel God, Doreen is back to being a regular computer science student! That is, when she isn’t fighting bad guys and saving the whole world. No big deal. I absolutely love this series, and I have to watch where I read it because I seriously laugh out loud at almost every page. Once I read it on an airplane and made the old guy next to me really mad with all my laughing. But it was worth it. Also we got to meet artist Erica Henderson a few times at NYCC this year and she was super awesome. Phil Noto is the artist behind the awesome Squirrel Girl hip-hop variant cover, another one worth checking out.
  • Fresh Romance #6 (Rosy Press) – Fresh Romance is another series that I really look forward to every single month. Not only are the stories romantic and adorable, but they also feature a diverse group of characters. The stories remind me of the shojo manga I used to read constantly back in middle school when I first started to get into comics. I’m sad to hear that the Teen Spirit story by Kate Leth and Arielle Jovellanos will be ending in this issue, but excited to read the new story that will be replacing it by Marguerite Bennett and artist Trungles.

What other titles should we be picking up that we should be adding to this list or don’t know about? Let us know in the comments or at!

Happy (almost) Wednesday girl gang!


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