Image Humble Bundle benefits HRC

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For the next week or so, Humble Bundle is featuring an Image Comics bundle that benefits the Human Rights Campaign. Humble Bundle is a pay-what-you-want format–customers will receive the first tier of comics for paying a small amount, but will receive more if paying above, say, $16.

This Bundle features $334 worth of Image’s best, including the first volumes of ODY-C, Phonogram, and Wolf. Collections like Saga vol. 4 and Nowhere Men vol. 1 are available in the second tier, which buyers receive if they choose to pay more than $15.71. The third tier, featuring Bitch Planet vol. 1, Stray Bullets #1-41, and more, is available for $20 (or more, if readers choose to donate more).

So far, this Bundle has raised nearly $200,000. It can be purchased on Humble Bundle’s site.

A full list of the comics included in the Bundle:

Pay what you want:

  • ODY-C vol. 1
  • Virgil
  • Self-Obsessed
  • No Mercy
  • Phonogram: Rue Britannia
  • Wolf vol. 1
  • Kaptara vol. 1
  • Sunstone vol. 1
  • Wytches vol. 1
  • Image Comics Humble Bundle Preview Book
  • Image Comics New Issues + New Arcs Starter Pack

Pay more than $15.71:

  • Injection vol. 1
  • Saga vol. 4
  • Just the Tips (Sex Criminals companion)
  • Outcast vol. 1
  • Nowhere Men vol. 1
  • Jupiter’s Circle vol. 1
  • Trees vol. 1
  • Rat Queens Special: Braga #1

Pay more than $20:

  • Low vol. 1
  • Bitch Planet vol. 1
  • Wayward (Deluxe Edition) vol. 1
  • Invincible Compendium (collects #1-47)
  • Stray Bullets #1-41

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