‘The Venture Bros’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: “Rapacity In Blue”

To be honest, I was kind of dreading this episode. That’s because last night’s Rapacity In Blue is the halfway point of season 6. Only four more Sundays before we all cry and wait impatiently for the DVD release to devour the commentary (you guys do this too, right?) Its pretty wild to consider all that has occurred in the Ventureverse in just four episodes – and especially with what happened with the Monarch in last night’s episode.


We open on a gorgeous bird’s eye view shot of the rooftop of the Venture building. It is 7am, as Dr. Venture is informed when his late brother’s alarm goes off in his room and the blinds are raised. The alarm projects a hologram of Jonas Jr. himself, reminding Rusty that he only has three more days until his presentation at the Science Now conference before ranting off a long list of reminders about how wonderful life is. Irritated and now wide-awake, Doc grumbles that he really needs to figure out how to turn that alarm off.


Down in the Venture lab, Pete and Billy are awake and suited up for super science. Tongue sticking out in concentration, Pete using tongs to grab something wrapped in foil out of a metal machine. “Breakfast burrito?”, he asks Doc.

Billy rides towards Dr. Venture in a segway, which Doc thinks is a new invention. He says he’s going to militarize it, paint it in Venture blue, and call it the Zip-Arounder. Billy tells Doc that the segway was invented a long time ago. He is frustrated with Doc’s ignorance and says that Dr. Venture really needs to update himself on what has occurred in super science since he was last relevance.

Doc tells his team of two that they need to help him invent something amazing for the Science Now conference. “Weren’t you banned from that conference ’cause ya showed a vacuum cleaner that leaked radiation?”, Pete asks. Apparently the conference is giving Rusty a second chance because they “know a good thing” and he as a good thing.

In the Monarch mansion (still under construction), Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is in the shower, thinking she is talking to her husband, but the bedroom is empty. “Sweetie?”, she asks, as she realizes he isn’t there.

The Monarch is down in his new secret cave in the basement with 21. 21 is trying to convince his boss to take up the mantle of the Blue Morpho in order to take out the villains on the Dr. Venture arching list, leaving them to be Venture’s only remaining nemesis. The Monarch refuses because he is a supervillain at heart, not a good guy. “I laugh at regular jokes like this!” he exclaims, throwing his head back to release a classic villain cackle. The camera pans out as he laughs, and his theme plays in the background. The camera zooms back in and the discussion continues as usual. The Monarch again refuses to take his father’s place, instead planning to make the lab into his new Monarch headquarters, which he calls “the Egg Sack”.


Manolo calls down to let them know that his wife is coming downstairs. They sprint up to the living room, and when Dr. Mrs. looks over at them, they awkwardly start to tango to hide that they just came out of a secret door in the wall. 21 covers by saying that “A good henchman-villain relationship is a dance of death!” She seems to buy their excuse, and tells them that she is defending him to the Guild later that night. The Monarch is initially upset that she is missing their usual date night, but when she offers to cancel he quickly insists that she go, so he and 21 don’t need to sneak around. She leaves in the Guild limo with Phantom Limb.

Dean is getting dressed in his room while talking to his brother. Hank asks Dean for advice on how to satisfy women because he is nervous for his upcoming date with Sirena. Dean asks why Hank would think he knows anything about satisfying women, and tells him to ask their dad. Hank has already asked his dad but Doc was predictably unhelpful and just gave him a pamphlet on the dangers of chlamydia from his wallet.


Down in the lab, Pete and Billy are giving presentations to Dr. Venture on possible products for the Science Now conference. Pete suggests a silent washing machine and a pair of magnetic boots that generate power – although only enough power to run a small pencil sharpener. Doc rejects both of these proposals. Billy presents a serum that can regenerate a liver – however, it can’t stop, and continues to regenerate multiple livers.

Billy mentions something else he’s been working on called God Gas, which immediately catches Dr. Venture’s interest. Doc is very excited about the implications of the gas, and tells Billy to be a man and say them out loud. Billy resists because he thinks that Doc’s idea is a stretch. Pete asks them what they are talking about. “Mind control gas!” Rusty and Billy say in unison. “You guys are so cool sometimes,” Pete says admiringly. Dr. Venture tells them to make the gas.

The Monarch enters his living room in overalls and a bucket of paint. He is confused at the sight of 21 in his Jedi garb. 21 tells him there is something down in the lab that he must see alone, and Monarch reluctantly descends the stairs to see. “He has much anger in him, like his father,” 21 says wisely, quoting Yoda. “Was I any different when you taught me?” responds the incorporeal voice of Henchman 24 (Obi Wan). This was surprising as we have not heard 24 since Gary told his ghost to leave in the season 4 finale. It feels less like the dramatic return of 24 and more that Doc and Jackson just wanted to reference the iconic Star Wars scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear from 24 again after this episode.

The Monarch approaches the giant monitor in the lab, on which a black-and-white video is paused, and starts the video. The video shows his father and Jonas Venture Sr. talking into their brand new recording technology that “fits in your car’s trunk”. The two men joke back-and-forth about the papers calling the Blue Morpho “unhinged” and “bad guy” as Jonas goes to answer the doorbell. “Let them think what they want!,” jokes the Blue Morpho, as he puts on his mask. “Whatever! Then I’m a bad guy! There! I said it!” He looks directly into the camera. “The Blue Morpho is a bad guy!”


The Monarch is amazed, and calls up to 21 asking what is on the rest of the tape. 21 tells him he doesn’t want to know (and 24’s voice insists that he does). The Monarch starts the video again. Two women enter the room and Jonas and the Blue Morpho joke about the women being evil-doers with a growth ray before pulling down their pants in unison. The recording equipment was clearly set up to record the orgy. “They are not my mommy!” cries the Monarch. “I am like 80 percent positive that is Jill St. John and Stella Stevens!” responds 21.

In the lab, Billy sprays the mice test subjects with the God Gas. Dean analyzes the mice’s feelings and Pete asks him why he’s in the lab. “I don’t have class till 1:30. And Hank is following me around looking for advice on how to score with women.” “Do you.. Know anything about that?” teases Billy. “If I did, would I be down here?” Dean sasses back. Dean’s comment also tells us that he has officially started to attend university.

In the kitchen, Hank has finally found someone who can give him advice on women (you have to wonder why he checked with his dad and brother – both of whom have little to no romantic experience – before going to an expert). Brock answers Hank’s questions about kissing, and tells him to keep his eyes open and lean towards her slowly, “like a cobra”. Hank being Hank asks what he should do if he needs to pee, and Brock sighs and tells him to just assume that he will have an empty bladder. Brock gets a call on his watch from Hatred, who is being held hostage by a new villain.

In the lab, the mice that have been sprayed by God Gas are going through different religious events in history, starting with the Egyptians, then crucifixions, then the Protestant Reformation.


The Monarch sits on his front steps asking Manolo for advice on his predicament. Manolo responds, “You know, I’m not Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. I don’t really care about this. Do what you want.” The Monarch interprets this as more wise advice. He answers a call from his wife, who rattles off a list of Guild forms that the Monarch needs to fill out and email to her. She is putting on a Guild spacesuit as she is on the phone, and realizes it is not her suit as it has two head holes. The forms (and not wanting to fill out the forms) are the tipping point for the Monarch. After he gets off the phone, he stands up dramatically and declares, “I’m the Blue Morpho!”


On the sidewalk outside the Venture Industries building, Hatred is on his knees as the new villain Harangutan holds a gun to his head. Brock offers to fight the new villain instead of Hatred, and the new guy agrees, but only after headbutting Hatred so many times he knocks him out. Brock and Harangutan start to threaten each other dramatically, inching closer and closer but not actually getting physical. Warriana happens to be flying through on her invisible chariot and spots them down below. She lands her invisible horses and walks up behind the villain, punching him in the back of the head. He is out cold immediately.


Brock is pissed that he was robbed of a good fight. “You can’t just fly in and do that! There’s like a code.” Warriana angrily responds, “I heed not your bro code! Justice has NO gender!” Her and Brock start verbally sparring, their faces getting closer and closer together.

Monarch enters the lab and tells 21 that they’re going with his idea. “Kano, its time to suit up!” Enter another incredible opening theme, similar to the Billy Quizboy and the Pink Pilgrim one we saw a few weeks ago. A dramatic voiceover reminiscent of the old Super-Friends cartoon tells their story with rainbow backgrounds and transformation scenes: “The Monarch, a down-and-out supervillain, claims his birthright as the Blue Morpho, who may or may not be a good guy! Along with his faithful bodyguard and chauffaur Kano, who isn’t actually an Asian! Their mission: to beat up on villains that beat up on Dr. Venture till they alone beat up on Dr. Venture!”


There is a short break in the theme song as 21 and the Monarch realize their costumes do not fit, but then we return to the theme song, where the announcer narrates 21 using home ec skills to tailor the costumes. They hop in the Morpho Mobile and drive into the city, unfortunately getting stuck in rush hour in the Lincoln Tunnel.



Brock lays in his bed with his arms behind his head and stares at the ceiling, clearly upset about something. Hank enters the room and asks Brock how to get a sports bra off of a girl. Brock angrily says, “You wanna know what you do? You do nothing!” He starts to rant about how he didn’t make a move on Warriana earlier that day and how he knows nothing about getting a woman to understand him. Brock gets louder as his frustration grows, and he starts to yell, “All you wanna do is BEND HER OVER and ARGH!” Hank misinterprets Brock’s rant as Brock saying that only lady bodybuilders wear sports bras.

While stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel, 21 convinces the Monarch to trim his beard in order to look less like “the Monarch at a Mad Men party.”

Pete and Billy show the completed God Gas gun to Dr. Venture, who wants to try it immediately. Billy insists it needs more testing, which is proven by the mice tank catching on fire seconds later. Doc decides to advance to human testing anyways. Brock asks Doc what they should do with Harangutan, the villain from earlier, and Doc tells him to hold him in the lobby until they get there, as he has just found his first human test subject.


Dr. Venture tells Billy to shoot the villain with the God Gas, but when he pulls the trigger the compartment holding the gas explodes, covering not only Harangutan but also Brock and Billy with the pink gas. The whites of their eyes turn pink. Dr. Venture tests the mind control gas on Harangutan by telling him that he is now Doc’s slave and that he will do Doc’s bidding.

This backfires as the villain is hallucinating from the gas and sees Rusty and Dr. Venture as devils in hell. He picks up Billy above his head and threatens to throw him into the giant hole in the lobby (created by Wide Wale’s henching a few episodes ago). Billy is also hallucinating, and he sees Doc as his childhood hero Rusty Venture, Boy Adventurer. Under the influence of the gas, Brock runs out of the building. Rusty runs after him, yelling at him to come back.

The Monarch and 21 run arrive in the Venture lobby as the Blue Morpho and Kano. Billy recognizes them from the Rusty Venture show. “Kano” rescues Billy from Harangutan and tosses him into the safety of the Blue Morpho’s arms. “You’re all safe now, little citizen!” the Monarch says. While looking into the Morpho’s eyes, Billy suddenly seems to recognize the man under the mask.


Harangutan lunges towards 21, and 21 punches him hard in the chest, causing him to fall backwards into the giant hole in the floor. “Dude! I’m like 90 percent sure I just punched a guy to death!” 21 yells as the two flee the scene.

Dr. Venture is forcefully escorted out of a high-scale apartment building by a doorman as he yells that his bodyguard is inside. Doc angrily warns the doorman that his speedsuit is made of rayon and it wrinkles. “Next time you trespass on private property, wear something else!” the doorman says before he throws Dr. Venture on the ground.

“Need a hand getting up, citizen?” asks a familiar voice. Doc takes the stranger’s hand, but seems shocked to see the blue mask of his late father’s friend. “You’re..” he starts to say, but the Monarch finishes his sentence, excitedly yelling “The Blue Morpho!!! 21 facepalms in the background, looking embarrassed at his boss’ enthusiasm.

Upstairs in the apartment building, Brock is walking down a hallway, his eyes bright pink from the gas. A doorman follows him asking for ID, and Brock grabs him by the neck and uses him as a human doorknocker on the door of apartment 12-B. Warriana answers the door in lingerie and a towel around her hair, and she frowns when she sees that Brock is her caller.

Brock starts to rant about Warriana’s power and beauty and asks her to take him. “Let me worship at your alter! Let me know the pleasure of a real woman!”, he begs as he sinks to his knees before her. Warriana pauses and looks up and down the hallway to make sure no one is watching. She picks Brock up off of his knees and brings his face close to hers (no small feat, considering how huge Brock is). “I’m gonna tire you out”, she warns, carrying Brock inside.


“What was all that about?” Dr. Venture asks Pete and Billy back in the Venture lobby. Billy stares at Doc intensely and when Doc questions him, Billy winks and says, “Your secret is safe with me… Blue Morpho.” The title card plays. It will be interesting to see if Billy remembers everything after the effects of the gas wear off.

After the credits, the Monarch and 21 are getting off of a New Jersey bus in front of their mansion. “That was the most fun I have EVER had!” the Monarch exclaims. Unfortunately, the Morpho mobile was towed because the Monarch did not put enough money in the meter, but not even that can harsh their excitement over the day’s events.

Monarch and 21 enter the front door and see Dr. Mrs. the Monarch sitting on the stairs. They try to cover with dancing again, but it doesn’t work the second time. She says she knows what they are doing. “You went out on date night with 21 to spite me!” The Monarch is so happy that she doesn’t know the actual truth that he tells her she is right. Dr. Mrs. walks up the stairs angrily, and 21 and Monarch high five behind her back.


I am now forced to admit that many of you were right to predict that Monarch would take up the Blue Morpho mantle (although I don’t think anyone predicted 21 as Kano) It explains the first season 6 promo we got wayyy back in August 2014 that most of us seemed to have forgotten about. I suggest rewatching it if you haven’t recently, as reveals some of where season 6 is headed.

Back when that trailer was released, fans saw the short goatee and guessed that the man under the mask was Rusty. From Billy’s reaction in this episode its clear that was exactly what Doc and Jackson hoped we would think. This similarity, with the addition of the orgy scene in this episode, has brought back the seasons-old fan theory that Dr. Venture and the Monarch are actually brothers.

The Monarch becoming the Blue Morpho also raises the question: Where will Dr. Mrs the Monarch’s loyalties lie? We did not receive an explanation for her new outfit in this episode, but it looks as if Dr. Mrs. has been made the new Sovereign. Although he may not have been caught in this episode, the Monarch’s will not be able to hide his secret identity from his wife for long. How will she choose between her husband and her new position of power? Someone on the Venture subreddit noticed that there is an 3rd costume case next to The Blue Morpho and Kano’s. Is that foreshadowing for what is to come?

My personal favorite part of this episode was the advancement of the Brock/Warriana subplot. I’ve always hoped that Brock would one day have a healthy relationship with someone who wasn’t constantly betraying him and breaking his heart, and Warriana seems like a perfect match. Okay, so maybe going to someone’s hotel room under the influence of mind-control rays isn’t the most ‘healthy’ start to a relationship, but I’m really excited to see where things go with them.

Speaking of which, I was also happy that Hank saw typically confident Brock agonizing over doing something stupid in front of a girl. Brock’s father figure moments are always touching, but teaching Hank that vulnerability is okay (even if it wasn’t completely intentional) is important as Hank goes on his first real date. I’m glad the boys have Brock to ask for advice, because as we saw in this episode, they’re very aware that their father isn’t the all-knowing man he thinks he is.

As with every episode in season 6, I adored every single minute of Rapacity In Blue and I look forward to seeing what else Doc and Jackson have in store for us. In previous seasons, we’ve seen mostly one-off/”monster of the week” episodes where the adventure is started and completed within the episode, and in season 6 we’ve had episodes that continue the same few adventures/story arcs over the whole season. With some shows this can feel too strange or sudden, but with the Venture Brothers is just seems like the natural next step for a show that’s aired for 13 years. I for one am really enjoying the change.


As always, here is your weekly plug for the Venture Bros Shirt Club! I think this week’s Blue Morpho shirt is my favorite so far!


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New Comic Releases 2/17/16

Happy Wednesday y’all! Here are my pulls for this week!

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‘The Venture Bros’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: “Faking Miracles”

Jackson and Doc promised us that Season 6 would be different, and this episode proves just how different it is. I, for one, am loving the change. Faking Miracles brings some brand new revelations and challenges for Team Venture and Co.


The new episode opens on the original Team Venture. A giant robot spider descends towards Colonel Gentleman, Action Man, and Jonas Venture Sr., who are caught in it’s giant web. Jonas yells the cliché “You’ll never get away with this, Scaramantula!, and Scaramantula predictably responds, “Ah, but I already have, Doctor Venture!” The giant robot’s claws approach Colonel Gentleman’s face, but the arching is suddenly interrupted when a classic blue car flies through the wall, taking out multiple henchmen as it spins in amazing 3D. (Note: they’re assumedly being held captive on Spider Skull Island, which means that the feat of driving a car through a wall is extra badass.)

The blue vehicle features a butterfly-shaped M logo on the grill and hood and shoots at the henchmen through guns inside it’s headlights. A familiar figure exits the vehicle: gentle giant and martial arts master Kano, wearing the same M logo on his jacket and hat. Surprisingly, he is not there as a member of Team Venture (which is how we’ve always seen him previously), as the men stuck in the web do not seem to know who he is. Dr. Venture ominously declares, “I don’t think he’s on our side..”


Kano beats up the remaining henchmen. When he is finished, another man exits the car in a blue suit, fedora, and mask, matching blue gun in hand. Scaramantula addresses the stranger in blue as “The Blue Morpho”. (He seems to be somewhat of a parody of the Green Hornet.) The Blue Morpho shoots Scaramantula with a dart gun, Kano breaks the robot spider, and the two untie Team Venture from the spiderweb. Jonas does not trust his rescuers, and bends the Morpho’s arm behind his back as Action Man holds Kano at gunpoint.

Some notes on car stuff (if you’re not a car fan, skip ahead past the photos to return to the recap):

Although only seen briefly, I fell in love with Blue Morpho’s car. If you know creators Doc and Jackson at all, you know that they never do anything without copious amounts of research. I knew that Morpho’s incredible ride had to be a real model. I sent some screencaps to my dad, a connoisseur of all cars, and he informed me that it is a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. They were manufactured in the mid-’50s, just around the time that the pre-Rusty Team Venture was adventuring. The Gullwing, named for the way it’s curved doors open upward, is a rare find. They go for about $2 million in good condition today!


The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing


The 300SL Gullwing interior


The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing


The Blue Morpho’s Mercedes

Isn’t she gorgeous? Anyways, back to the recap:

The scene freezes and the camera pans out, showing the freeze frame as a panel in a comic book. “But after that, they become like, friends and stuff,” explains 21, holding the comic up for the Monarch to see. The Monarch plays dumb, saying he still doesn’t understand why the Blue Morpho’s stuff was in his basement.

21 exasperatedly yells, “Don’t you get it?! Your dad was the Blue Morpho!” (This was pretty clear even before 21’s official reveal, as the Blue Morpho shared his son’s affinity for butterfly logos and dart guns.) The Monarch continues to resist the truth, insisting that his dad was just a boozed-up socialite who collected butterflies. When 21 uses the S-word to describe his dad, Monarch slaps him in the face with the comic book. 21 still argues: “Millioniare playboy is like, the number one superhero alter-ego! Come on!”


“What the fuck is a morpho?” screams Monarch angrily. Once learning that it is a type of butterfly, he finally accepts the truth and apologizes for hitting 21. “Did Blue Morpho ever have.. his own comic book?” Monarch asks shyly. “Cancelled after six issues. Not Kirby’s best work,” 21 says.

The classic final five notes of the Venture theme play with the blood-splattered logo that we’ve come to accept as the short version of the Venture opening theme. The scene opens on a park in NYC, where Hank and Brock are jogging. Brock tells Hank “for the last time!” that he cannot take anabolic steroids to get fit, because its cheating. If he wants muscles, he needs to work for them by running. Dean finally catches up to them, panting and sweating profusely. Dean wore his normal dress shoes to go running, which Brock just notices.


As Brock helps Dean, a familar girl runs past Hank in all pink running clothes and Hank runs after her. Before he can catch up to her, Hank is taken down by two of Wide Wale’s henchmen, proving the theory that the girl with gills is Wale’s daughter. As this happens, Hank yells “Don’t harpoon taze me, bro!” (Remember when that was a huge cultural reference in 2007 and it was on shirts sold at mall stands and stuff?) The henchmen address the girl as “Miss Ong”, also confirming that Wide Wale is the brother of Dr. Dugong from season 3 (and who the Monarch cruelly murdered). Brock tackles the henchmen who are holding Hank.

Meanwhile, back at the Venture building, the Captain is showing Dr. Venture, Pete, and Billy around the super science lab, which has not been used for a while as Jonas Jr.focused on consumer electronics in recent years. “This is where we’re gonna make the miracles,” declares Doc.

Billy drives around the lab in the “Go Pod” a floating zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnets. The Captain reveals that it hasn’t been put into production because it caused infertility and heart murmurs in monkey test subjects, and also because it doesn’t break well (which Billy learns the hard way as he crashes it into the wall).

During a guild meeting at Wide Wale’s apartment, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch checks her compact phone obsessively. The Monarch has not responded to any of her texts. The Council of 8 is voting on new council members, and they vote to invite Dr. Phineas Phage to rejoin their ranks. They have 5 more spots to fill – or 4 if they can find Vendetta, who hasn’t been seen since his disastrous date with Ghost Robot at Don Hell’s nightclub in season 5.


Wide Wale’s daughter returns home from her run, angry at her dad’s henchmen and her complete lack of privacy. The lone remaining henchman tells his boss that his two coworkers were killed after some kid in the park got too friendly (we can assume by Brock).

Back at the Monarch mansion, Monarch and 21 plan a new coat of paint for his dad’s old Mercedes. Their plans are interrupted when the Monarch receives about a dozen texts and then a call from Dr. Mrs. His Wife, who wants to know why he isn’t getting ready for Wide Wale’s party. He says he has no intention of going because he hates her coworkers. She begs him to make an appearance and turn on “the old Monarch Charm”.

21 tells Monarch he should go to the party because the villains ahead of him on the list to arch Venture will probably be there. The Monarch excitedly asks if he can bring 21, but no henchmen are allowed. “She wants me to bring wine,” whines Monarch. “I should piss in it!” 21 sighs, “There’s that Monarch Charm.”


In the Venture Industries super science lab, Doc, Pete, and Billy are looking through all of the Venture tech in the lab. Dr. Venture admits he’s been out of the super science game for a while, so he’s a little Rusty (get it?). Billy accidentally drops and breaks a vial of silver liquid, which puddles on the floor and then moves on its own. They can’t find where the mysterious substance has gone.

Dean is showering upstairs when the silver liquid comes up through the drain. It crawls up Dean’s leg and apparently enters him through his penis, as afterwards he asks Brock if candiru are native to New York (the fish that enter the body through the penis, as we saw in season 1 episode Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean). When Brock doesn’t know what Dean is talking about, Dean brushes off the problem and asks Brock if he will still help him study for the SATs.

At the birthday party for Wide Wale’s daughter, there are both Guild and civilian guests. We see the members of the council in civilian clothing, including Dragoon/Red Mantle in a double turtleneck. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is at the bar, upset that the Monarch is not at the party yet. Her worrying is interrupted by a Dean Martin lookalike in a magenta tux who hits on her with old-fashioned smooth talk, calling her “Stardust” and “Bright Eyes”. She dismisses him by mentioning that she is married, but he shows her his Guild logo cufflinks and says he is there to talk business. His name is Copycat, and he’s interested in joining the council.

Wide Wale’s daughter pouts at her party, still angry that she has no privacy from her father’s henchmen. He offers to cheer her up. The episode cuts to a pizza place called Vincenzo’s, where the familiar voice of Steven Rattazzi (who also voices Dr. Orpheus) takes Wale’s order for a pizza. He sends his new delivery boy – Hank Venture. Hank drives the Venture Go Pod we saw Billy crash into a wall earlier to deliver the pizza.

The Monarch joins Hank in the elevator ride up to Wide Wale’s apartment. He clearly did not get the memo that the party is half-civilian, as he is wearing his Mighty Monarch costume. The butler tries to prevent him from entering the apartment, but the Monarch shoves past him. Hank sees that his pizza recipient is the girl from the park, and drops the pie in excitement. Before he can collect the payment, Wide Wale’s henchman from earlier sees him and chases him through the apartment.


Spot the Presidential candidate in the background!

Wide Wale is furious when he sees that Monarch came in costume. Copycat offers to take the Monarch to his downstairs apartment to change and as they are leaving, he splits into two, showing the reason for his name. One of him leaves the party with the Monarch, and one goes back inside.

Brock reads over Dean’s college admission essay and sighs. He tells Dean that his essay reads like a suicide note and he needs to be more positive. “You’re supposed to be selling yourself to these people!” Dean says that the changes are lying, and Brock argues that it isn’t lying, its just spin: “I know what I’m talking about. I work for the government.” Dean reveals that the SATs are the next morning, and asks Brock to help him study.

In Copycat’s apartment, Monarch takes off his costume to borrow one of Copycat’s suits. Copycat puts on the Monarch’s costume and shoots him with one of his own butterfly darts.

In the lobby of Venture Industries, Sergeant Hatred sits at the front security desk reading a magazine. Copycat comes through the front door in Monarch’s costume and walks towards Hatred with a jazzy gait, snapping his fingers and shaking his hips. Hatred realizes that he isn’t the real Monarch when Copycat multiplies himself by a dozen.


Downstairs in the lab, Pete finally locates the silver liquid’s file on the Venture Industries computer database, and finds out that the mysterious substance is actually nanobots. They play around with what they think is a tutorial for the nanobots, and find out that the tech was created to go inside a human body and fix health problems.

Pete runs the bots around the intestines on the computer program, unaware that they are really inside Dean’s intestines. This causes Dean to vomit on Brock, who is helping him study. Pete decides to go even further with the nanobots and uses them to stimulate the muscles and give the body superstrength. Dean’s body reacts to this change by picking up Brock with one hand and throwing him across the room.

Billy argues that this raises ethical questions – for example, you could just stop the person’s heart. Dean collapses in his room. As Brock performs CPR, Pete says that the bots could merely start the heart up again. Dean sits up, suddenly back from the dead. Billy tries hooking the nanobots up to the Internet to see if they could cause someone to speak a new language. Dean starts to babble in Babylonian.

Back at the party, Copycat approaches Dr. Mrs. the Monarch on the balcony. She rants to him about the Monarch’s jealousy and passive-aggressive ways. He tells her to come look through the telescope, where she sees the Monarch pissing on the Venture’s couch in the opposite building. Of course, this is not really the Monarch, but one of Copycat’s clones in the Monarch costume. Dr. Mrs. calls her husband, and watches the Monarch-Copycat ignore her call. Upset, she leaves the party.

Brock is extremely worried about Dean. He calls Dr. Venture on his communicator watch and tells him to call Dr. Orpheus, because he thinks Dean is possessed. When he hears that Dean was speaking Babylonian, Doc finally realizes what happened to the nanobots.


Down in the street, the Monarch wakes up from his dart-induced stupor in full costume. He catches his wife as she leaves the party, unaware of the events of the night and of his wife’s anger. He tries to explain himself, but pauses to answer a call from 21. While he’s on the phone, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch leaves without him in the limo.

Wide Wale’s daughter is pouting in her room when she sees Hank out on her balcony, hiding from the henchman. She recognizes him from both the park and when he was outside her window. Hank is confident and smooth with the girl, who reveals her name to be Sirena. (Not only does “sirena” mean “mermaid” in Spanish, someone on Reddit also pointed out that “sirenia” is the taxonomic name for sea cows.)


When Hank goes to leave, Sirena teases him for not being willing to risk his life to go on a date with her. Hank grins at her and jumps off of the roof. The romantic moment is interrupted when the henchman who was chasing Hank all night breaks down Sirena’s bedroom door. “I was just getting some fucking air!” she screams. He apologizes and leaves awkwardly.

She runs to the edge of the roof and Hank floats upwards in the Go Pod, leaning back and smiling confidently. “So, do we have a date?”, he asks. I loved this reference to Aladdin jumping off of Jasmine’s balcony. (Some people on the forums said it was a reference to Back to the Future 2, but the romantic aspect makes me think its more Aladdin/Jasmine than Marty McFly/Biff Tannen.) There was also an undeniable Romeo and Juliet vibe from the balcony plus the whole “my dad is your dad’s arch nemesis” kind of thing.

IMG_0436 (1)

End credits roll, revealing that Cristin Milioti (from multiple Broadway productions as well as the Mother from How I Met Your Mother) was the voice of Sirena and Thrilling Adventure Hour cast member Paul F. Tompkins was the voice of Blue Morpho. Mark Gagliardi (also of TAH fame), who voiced Stars & Garters and speedsuit tailor Enzo in the season 6 premiere, was in this episode as Rocco, the henchman who protects Sirena.

In the last scene of the episode, Dean is in extreme pain in the bathroom, passing the nanobots the same way they entered. Dr. Venture reveals “That’s not all you passed!” and tells Dean that he was accepted into Stuyvesant University. We cut to Doc as he sits at the desk in the lab. One of his computer screens displays the Stuyvesant U website, and the other shows the nanobot program, with multiple bots in Dean’s brain. This suggests that Doc connected the bots to the Internet while Dean was taking the SATs so that he would know all of the answers. Dean seems unaware of this.

“Gentlemen, I think we just made our first miracle,” Doc declares proudly. Brock and Pete cross their arms and nod, smiling, and Billy yells “High five!” in the robot suit, raising the robot arm.

Fan theories abound after this episode. When Copycat removed the Monarch from the party, he winked at Wale, making us think that Wale was in on Copycat’s plan to make Dr. Mrs. angry with her husband. After the confirmations about Wide Wale’s last name, most of us assume that he procured the henching rights to Dr. Venture as a step in a larger plan to take revenge on the Monarch for killing his brother.

The specific mention of Vendetta during the Guild Meeting has made many fans believe that he and the Blue Morpho are the same person. The theory that Vendetta is the Monarch’s father existed before season 6 premiered, after the Bot Seeks Bot episode of season 5. Many fans online have been suggesting that the Monarch will take up his father’s mantle and don the Blue Morpho costume, possibly in order to kill the rest of the members on the Venture arching list. The Monarch’s interest in his dad’s old lab and car further supports this theory; however, I personally doubt it. Doc and Jackson like to intentionally make fans predict that something will happen, and then squash that theory, like having the Sovereign shape-shift into Jonas Venture Sr. before revealing that he’s not Jonas or anyone else.

Faking Miracles is one of those special episodes where we really notice just how much the Venture unit has changed over the seasons. Dr. Venture willingly accepts help from Pete, Billy, and the Captain, and for once does not pretend to have all of the super science answers. Even after his long absence, Brock returns to his role as bodyguard and father-figure with ease, which shows that he never stopped considering the Ventures as his family. We see the most growth in Hank and Dean, who have developed from the goofy and naive twins we met in season 1 into unique individuals. Hank’s interactions with Sirena have shown that he’s learned how to have Detective-hat confidence without wearing the hat. Dean is very aware of how strange his life as been, as we see from his college application essay, but he is finally taking control of his own future by applying to college.

There was some complaining on the forums about how this episode was only filler. I do not share this complaint; this episode was hands-down my favorite of the season so far. I have to wonder if those complaining have not made any emotional ties to the characters and only watch the show to see Brock punching people and the Monarch being a dick. I can’t imagine that anyone who really loves these characters will dismiss this episode as only filler. Watching Brock patiently help Dean study for the SATs and Hank flirt smoothly with Sirena, I am filled with that weird sense of pride you get f0r a fictional character even though you know they aren’t real.


If you are like me and are also emotional about the character development of Hank and Dean, you might like this week’s Shirt of the Week Club that features Dean’s upcoming alma mater.


The shirt translates to something like “I have suffered from a wooden leg”, a reference to Peter Stuyvesant

See you next week, Venturoos!


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‘The Venture Bros’ Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: “Maybe No Go”

Damn, that was an excellent episode. Let’s get to it.

“Maybe No Go” opens on the home of everyone’s favorite albino and metal-handed-former-boy-genius dream team, Pete White and Billy Quizboy. They are arguing over what initially appears to be a dangerous experiment complete with labcoats and beakers, until Billy exclaims, “You can’t put mouthwash into cookie batter! Its idiotic!”


Their extremely important experiment is interrupted when the ground starts shaking due to a giant robot t-rex breathing fire outside of the Conjectural Technologies trailer. This seems to be a message, because Billy exclaims, “To the Quizcave!”

The scene changes to the best opening we’ve seen in a long time: opening credits for an animated show titled Billy Quizboy and the Pink Pilgrim, complete with theme song, clips from different ‘episodes’, an excellent logo, and of course Robo-Bo. I’m pretty sure it is impossible to not smile with pure glee as you watch this scene. Pete’s ‘Pink Pilgrim’ costume is very literal – neon pink buckle on his hat and everything. Not only is this opening sequence super fun, its also new and unique – proving that Astrobase is not resting on their laurels in their 6th season.


In their Quizcave (Quiz Cave? QuizCave?), Pete and Billy video chat with St. Cloud, who remains as obnoxious as ever. Cloud has stolen a red rubber ball from the Conjectural Technologies team, which Pete calls “the source of our power”. Billy calls for action, but Pete asks if they can reschedule their revenge for the next day as he has a dentist appointment in the morning. Cloud admits that he has a lot of things to do, so he’s down to reschedule for the next day. Billy admits he didn’t sleep well last night, so maybe tomorrow would be better. St. Cloud declares, “I will get you, Quizboy… At a reasonable hour.”

We join the Venture family as they sit around the kitchen table eating breakfast. Rusty is proud to see that he’s on the front page of the paper, undeterred by the accompanied headline “C-E-Oh No! Second Venture Son Drives Stocks Into the Ground.”


Brock gently suggests that firing all employees and then spending money wasn’t the best idea, but as always Rusty refuses to listen to reason. “I don’t need a mutiny because people can’t post a picture of their lunch on TweetTweet or whatever.”

Brock complains about the gross coffee substitute that Rusty says he drinks for his nervous bowels, and leaves to get some real coffee. As he’s leaving, Rusty yells for him to find the missing Pirate, who is now back on tranquilizer darts.

At the Monarch’s mansion, which is still under construction, the Monarch crew are also having their morning coffee. The Monarch is refusing to accept that he can no longer arch Dr. Venture, but Dr. Mrs the Monarch will not budge on her position. She says that she will give him his arching rights back after the Guild of Calamitous Intent has reestablished their credibility. She also admits that there are a dozen villains in line ahead of the Monarch waiting to get Dr. Venture’s arching rights.


Dr. Mrs the Monarch finally appeases the Monarch by offering make-up sex – or so she thinks. As she changes into the cheerleader outfit (assumedly the one we saw in season 4), Monarch tells Gary to use his wife’s laptop to find out the information of the 12 villains in front of him on the Dr. Venture list.

This scene also features the most graphic sex talk we’ve heard on the show so far. As they are from the Monarch, they are as gross and narcissistic as one would expect, e.g.: the phrase “caked in my sticky triumph”. 21 is understandably grossed out.

We cut to the zoo, where the Pirate Captain is jumps into the polar bear exhibit, causing the security guard will shoot the bear with a tranquilizer dart, which he steals for himself. The Captain looks much worse than the last time we saw him.

Pete and Billy are dropped off by Robo-Bo at the gate of the St. Cloud estate. Billy tries to get them in with his grapple hand, but then realizes that he can’t stand any pressure on the cord because the hand is attached to his nerves. Pete uses the intercom and Cloud opens the front gate. Billy’s hand coil isn’t retractable, so he has to drag it with him.


The Monarch and 21 approach a rundown house in Patterson, NJ, where one of the villains on the Venture arching list lives. A woman in a bathrobe and towel answers the door, and the Monarch requests that she sign away her arching rights for Dr. Venture, offering her a clipboard and paper. She refuses, so the Monarch darts her in the neck and drags her inside.

Apparently St. Cloud was not on time to arch, because Billy and Pete sit in the bathroom as he showers. We find out that the stolen rubber ball that Cloud has stolen is a prop from Duran Duran’s ‘Is There Something I Should Know’ video. This also explains the unique scene transitions that have been happening during the Pete and Billy scenes: they are the same as the video.


Pete passes the time by using hair mousse to make his hair into signature styles from different bands – Flock of Seagulls, the Exploited, and Tool Academy. Pei Wei brings St. Cloud a cat puppet on a gold tray, which turns out to be Henrietta from Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. Cloud uses her as a shower mit. Billy is understandably outraged.

Back at Venture Industries, Brock has returned with good coffee and the Pirate Captain. The Venture boys chain the Captain to the bed in Hank’s room to stage an intervention. They give him a bed (chained to), ladies’ shirt (pirate-sized), beef-flavored tomato juice (2 jugs of), fruit snacks (10 feet of), coffee cake (crunchy part of), picture of old people dancing, sympathetic kitten, television, She’s All That DVD, and buckets for urine, feces, and vomit (and one for the kitten).


In a restaurant that apparently has live krill on the menu, Wide Wale meets with Fallen Archer. He is angry because Fallen Archer has not paid him the usual amount of money, and Archer says that its because Venture refused the Crusader Action League’s protection.

Back in New Jersey, the woman in the robe named Redusa wakes up from her tranquilizer sleep, and she is not happy. Her towel falls off, revealing a head of snake hair, and she starts shooting lasers out of her eyes at the Monarch and 21. 21 bounces one of her lasers off of what looks like a bag of garbage, and it shoots back at her, shrinking her head. 21 holds his blade at her neck and they force her to sign the paper.


In Hank’s bedroom, The Captain is going through tranquilizer withdrawal. He is drenched in sweat and starts to hallucinate. In an excellent reference to the movie Trainspotting, he sees a former member of his pirate crew and a baby crawling on the ceiling with the face of Jonas Jr, both of whom tell him he’s a failure. He finally wakes up in care of Doc, Dean, and Hank, who stage an intervention.

Angry that Rusty did not pay the League fees, Wide Wale decides to do his first arching. Brock is warned ahead of time by his old friend Shore Leave, who I was super happy to see and have missed dearly. We learn that Wide Wale got his mutation from trying to find a cancer cure by using cuttlefish DNA with his brother (who we can only assume is Dr. Dugong from season 3). Brock starts to request backup, but Shore Leave tells him that the arching will happen at any minute and there is no time for backup.


At Cloud’s estate, he is finally ready to arch. Billy and Pete are tied to chairs in a room that looks exactly like the room from the Duran Duran video, and St. Cloud’s wears an outfit very similar to what Duran Duran wears. St. Cloud says he will give them back the ball if they sell him their company for one penny.

Brock teams up with Hatred to protect the new Venture Compound, more out of necessity than choice. Hatred seems to be official Venture Industries building security now, with the jacket to prove it. He doesn’t seem to have any bitter feelings toward Brock, and enthusiastically agrees to help. Hatred’s history as both supervillain and OSI have given him a wealth of information about all Guild members, including Wide Wale.

Hatred admits that they have no real line of defense against an attack from Wide Wale other than the objects in the lobby. Brock smiles like a man with a plan and asks Hatred if he has been to the zoo recently.

Now clean from the tranquilizer dart monkey on his back, the Pirate Captain is back in his black turtleneck and helping Rusty repair the damage he’s made to Venture Industries. Rusty wants to change the direction of the company from modern “Angry Birds” technology to classic superscience like his father and grandfather before him. Dean suggests that they do both: continue producing the type of technology that will please the shareholders while also founding a new superscience-focused division of the corporation.


Billy and Pete discuss the importance of the rubber ball on their walk home that night. Pete questions if it was worth it to tell their company to retrieve the ball, and Billy is adamant that it was. Billy explains all of the progress that came from the New Romantics, including future hip-hop, which is important because “I lost my virginity to side-A of Wutang Forever!”(Possibly the time that he had sex with three prostitutes who he thought were vampires in Monstoso’s home?) Billy says that the ball is magic and that they just saved the world.

At Venture Industries, Wide Wale appears for his first arching by coming up through the floor as Hatred predicted. However, Brock and Hatred stood him up. No one is in the building.

After finally procuring Redusa’s signature, Monarch and 21 return home to a huge surprise. The head of construction on the house, Manolo, shows them a secret steel door that the crew found earlier that day. They descend a long staircase to a huge underground room which sheets covering large objects. It appears to be some kind of laboratory.


Brock and Hatred talk on the roof of the Venture building. They bond over the activities of the day, and Brock offers to buy Hatred a beer. They scale off of the roof together, no longer rivals but two men with the same goal of keeping the Venture family safe.

Wide Wale returns home to find his living room filled with balloons and the polar bear from the zoo, courtesy of Brock and Hatred.


In the final scene of the episode, St. Cloud shows up at the Conjectural Technologies trailer to inform Pete and Billy that he has sold their company to Venture Industries.

I loved every single moment of “Maybe No Go.” Some people online were saying it was a “set-up episode”, and maybe it was, but it also advanced the story substantially while bringing back old favorites and packing in the references. I was glad to see that Doc is taking steps to not completely ruin the company. Watching him make some effort to succeed will be far more interesting than if he fails immediately.

I love Billy and Pete and I’m really excited for them to join the Venture team in NYC. This was also the first episode when I actually kind of enjoyed St. Cloud instead of wanting to strangle him. The impulse was still there, but its hard not to laugh when he’s using a beloved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood puppet to wash his junk.

This episode is an excellent reminder that new seasons of The Venture Brothers are worth the wait. Doc and Jackson are not merely recycling their previous successes. It is clear that still have their supremely unique voices that made us all fall in love in the first place. I’m sure that there are plenty more surprises in store for us in season 6.


Also! This week’s Shirt Club shirt is super cute. Its made even better by the use of Kim as this week’s model. Kim is Triana’s friend from season 2 who is infamously always asked about at conventions. It was a cheeky move from Doc and Jackson, who really would like it if you stopped asking about her. Please.

Edit: Thanks to the commenter who pointed out the Trainspotter reference that went completely over my head!



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Happy Wednesday Girl Gang!

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‘The Venture Brothers’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “Hostile Makeover”

So you’re probably wondering why I’m posting a recap article two days after the episode actually aired. I promise I have a good excuse. I actually flew to Florida for 41 hours this weekend to attend a Venture Bros Season 6 Premiere Party at Cinemaworld in Melbourne. I packed my favorite Venture cosplay (a 1950s poodle skirt version of Dr. Mrs. the Monarch) and was on my way.

The Venture Bros is my favorite show of all time, and its really important to me, to say the least. Being surrounded by hardcore Venture fans at an all-Venture event to see the new episode was a dream come true. The first 50 people got Venture shirts, and all of us got the gorgeous poster of Brock Samson by Patrick Leger. Adult Swim sent some other goodies that were raffled off to audience members. We watched The Devil’s GripAll This and Gargantua-2, and finally the new episode Assisted Suicide.

Here are some photos from the event, some of which are courtesy of The Venture Home News on Facebook.

FullSizeRender (12)

Some of the amazing work of John McDonald at Cinemastery Studios


My Moppets waiting for the show


The cosplayers at the showing

FullSizeRender (14)

Hank and Dean on the big screen

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 1.31.10 PM

HELPeR and Billy both talked! It was the coolest thing!

Onto the episode!

We last saw the Ventures in the All This and Gargantua-2 special that aired in January 2015. Many important events occurred in the special, including the reveal of the Sovereign’s real identity (just some bloke who wanted to be anyone but himself, so, nobody), his accidental death, Dr. Killinger killing the Investors, who were revealed to be his brothers, Killinger’s reformation of the Council of 13 including Dr. Mrs. the Monarch and Phantom Limb, and most importantly, the death of Jonas Venture Jr. and his decision to leave the giant Venture Industries Corporation to Rusty, making the Venture family wildly wealthy.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 3.02.18 PM

Creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer wasted no time in immersing us in the Ventures’ new lives. We open on a beautiful bird’s eye view shot of New York City. The Ventures look eagerly out the windows of a limo with the license plate “RSTYS BK” as it brings them to their new home: the Venture Industries skyscraper. The montage of them checking out the new digs includes the Ventures dancing around their giant new living room and Rusty firing the entire board of Venture Industries.

The next morning is the Ventures’ first full day in New York. HELPeR is very jealous of their new butler robot, J-BOT, who seems to be a lot more modern and capable than HELPeR. Their breakfast is interupted when Hank yells from the other room, “Hey, Pop? Pretty much the Avengers are on our porch!” Here we meet the Crusaders Action League for the first time, who will clearly be regular characters in season 6. The team is made up of heroes named Stars & Garters, Warriana, Fallen Archer, and as we learn later, Nightdick. They try to sell Rusty superhero insurance, but back off when they see that Hatred is OSI.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 3.01.09 PM

Meanwhile, the new Council of 13 of the Guild of Calamitous Intent has their first meeting on the spacecraft given to them by Dr. Killinger. The remaining members are Dr. Mrs the Monarch, Phantom Limb, Dragoon/Red Mantle, Dr. Z, and Radical Left. They find out that Killinger has disappeared, leaving them without a Sovereign.

Back in New York, Dean tours Stuyvesant University with campus tour guide Brown Widow, who was Dean’s neighbor during his brief time as an intern in New York. (Maybe now that Doc has money, he can finally produce the musical he wrote, with Brown Widow in the title role. Who’s Rusty? I’m Rusty!)

Never one to wait around or plan ahead, the Monarch decides to check out the Ventures’ new home with 21 in tow. The Monarch disguises himself as a Statue of Liberty impersonator, and 21 stands near him as the Naked Cowboy. They manage to steal a Venture ID off of an employee, and they shoot longtime Venture Industries the Sea Captain employee with a dartgun when he tries to stop them. Most fans will remember that Captain has a serious addiction to dart poison.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 3.14.13 PM

We cut to the villain nightclub, where the Council of 13 holds a meeting for members of the Guild to voice their complaints. They try to impersonate the Sovereign’s giant floating head to hide his death, but they are called out by Dr. Phineas Phage, who the Sovereign tried to kill alongside Dr. Mrs. in the special. Caught in her lie, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch reveals to the angry crowd that the Sovereign is dead, and that the Council of 13 is looking for new members to fill the remaining seven spots.

Back at the Venture home, in a surprising twist, Brock Samson arrives at the door announcing that he has been reassigned to his former family. The now-unemployed Sergeant Hatred reports back to OSI headquarters, where Hunter Gathers assigns him to a desk job.

Rusty and Brock (rather unnecessarily) take the jet to Little Italy, where Rusty needs to “settle an old score”. They meet with an Italian tailor named Enzo, and Rusty picks up a custom speedsuit he ordered 20 years ago and never picked up. Later that night, Brock gives Hank advice on picking up women: to be a Steve McQueen, not a Justin Bieber. Brock’s advice to boys were one of the best parts of his time as the Venture bodyguard, and its great to see that continue this season.

The Monarch and 21 arrive back at the Venture building, disguised as Venture security guards. As they enter the building, we see that Hatred has decided to continue his mission as Venture bodyguard. He surveys the new Venture compound from the rooftop of another building.

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch goes to New York City to meet with new character Wide Wale with the goal of recruiting him for the Council of 13. If the Council can gain support of one of the biggest villains in the New York chapter, they can regain credibility as an authority among the Guild. Wide Wale says that he will need additional incentive to convince him to join the Council. He places his hand on Dr. Mrs. the Monarch’s thigh, which seems to suggest that he is seeking motivation of a sexual nature.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 3.37.37 PM

While using Brock’s binoculars to spy on his neighbors, Hank spots a young woman diving into a pool and floating to the top, never bringing her head up for air. He grabs Brock’s grapple gun, sprints back to the roof, shoots it towards the window where the girl is drowning, and slides down the rope using his shirt. This catches the attention of the Crusaders Action League, who, when seeing that the commotion is from a building who hasn’t paid them, initially decide to ignore it. They change their minds when they think they see Brock push Hank off of the roof.

Brock tries to help Hank, but he is held back when Fallen Archer and Warriana start to fight him. It has been far too long since we’ve seen an old-fashioned Brock fight, knife bared, eye twitching, foaming at the mouth as he leaps towards his opponent. It was just like the old days of Brock as bodyguard, and it was a great reminder of how much Brock has been missed.

Hanging from his shirt, Hank kicks on the window, trying to get the attention of the drowning girl. She lifts her head from the water to look at him, and we see that she has gills on her neck. Hank falls from the rope, but is saved by League member Nightdick. In the funniest moment of the episode, Nightdick gives a dramatic third-person narrative of his own story when asked who he is. Hank understandably giggles when hearing the superhero’s name.

Back on the roof, Brock is finally subdued by Warriana and her lasso of truth. He screams out, “I don’t even care about the breast thing, I wanna do you!” It will be interesting to see if Brock finally gets to have a healthy relationship in the show after all the times he suffered at Molotov’s hand. (It will also be interesting to see if she reappears in this season after season 5 episode O.S.I. Love You.)

As all this is happening, the Monarch and 21 are stuck in the elevator with a strung-out Sea Captain, who begs for more darts. They finally use the Captain’s retina scan to get out of the elevator and are kicked out of the building by Hatred, who was watching the entire time. They are saved by Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, who tells Hatred that the Monarch’s trespassing is an internal Guild matter because Wide Wale now has an exclusive arching claim on Dr. Venture. This, and not sex, seems to be the one condition Wide Wale insisted on before throwing his support behind the Guild.

The League leaves the Venture rooftop, refusing to clean up their mess. In the last – and one of the best – moments of the episode, HELPeR and J-Bot make eye contact, and HELPeR pushes his new rival off of the rooftop.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 4.05.09 PM

The episode was very busy and there was quite a lot of new stuff packed into 22 minutes. It was slightly overwhelming the first time I viewed it, but in my subsequent rewatches I’ve caught all of the jokes and quotes I missed the first time, and I’ve liked it more and more. There are only going to be 8 episodes in Season 6, so its understandable that Doc and Jackson wanted set up the new season as soon as possible in order to get to the good stuff. I would much rather see an exciting action-packed episode with many new characters than a slow episode as the premiere we’ve waited for for three years.

And although the episode might have been slightly overpacked, there is no denying that Hostile Makeover is classic Team Venture. Rusty making stupid decisions, Hank embracing life changes with confidence, Brock beating the shit out of someone, Dean hugging a giraffe, the Monarch and 21 impulsively henching with bad results, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch being a total boss and taking charge. This episode proved that although it has been a few years since the last season, Doc and Jackson are as passionate and dedicated to their characters as ever.

I can already feel that season 6 is, as always, worth the wait. I can’t wait until Sunday at midnight to see more.

Also! If you are a fan of Team Venture and want some sweet Venture goodness in your t-shirt collection, make sure to check out the Shirt of the Week Club! Each week a new shirt is released relating to that week’s episode. I have so many Shirt Club shirts from over the years and they are some of my favorites. You can find them over at AstroBaseGo!